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Steve West

Steve’s passion for radio started at a young age, as his Dad worked in the radio business; and following in Dad’s footsteps seemed to be the logical thing to do! Steve has hosted morning radio shows in places like Bozeman, Montana, Nashville, Tennessee, and Dover, Delaware; served as an airborne traffic reporter in Dallas/Ft. Worth and filled a number of other radio station roles in markets like Wichita, Kansas, Corpus Christi, Texas, and Wilmington, Delaware.

Steve was born in Las Vegas but his family moved to Dallas, Texas when he was three months old, so his memories of “Sin City” are a bit fuzzy. Growing up in Dallas, Steve was fortunate enough to ride horses, play drums in the school band, and learn the importance of volunteering his free time from his mother; who worked with the visually impaired. After graduating from SMU with a degree in communications, Steve spent several years playing drums and percussion in bands and musical groups all over Texas; but found his true “calling” when he got a job at a local radio station…playing recorded tapes of classic pop music from artists like Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Glenn Miller.

Steve has two sons; Duncan, an accomplished electric bass player who currently lives in Delaware; and Gordon, a skilled worker at a marijuana dispensary here in Spokane. Steve’s wife, Rebecca, is a special education Para-educator for the Central Valley School District and a very talented artist in her own right. They have two lovable mutts, Mia and Rawley…as well as an undetermined number of cats living around the house in Spokane Valley.

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