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  • Fires, drought, and heat cost the Northwest billions in 2021 January 13, 2022
    SPOKANE, Wash.– A report from the Department of Commerce estimates that Washington and Idaho lost between $1.35 and $2.6 billion in 2021 because of weather disasters. In the Pacific Northwest as a whole (including Oregon) that number reaches at least $3 billion. Of the four costliest weather disasters in 2021, the Northwest was impacted by […]
  • Arctic warming could affect the Northwest in unexpected ways December 17, 2021
    The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Arctic Report Card for 2021 shows the continuing changes caused by extremely warm weather at the top of the world.
  • Climate change puts stress on Northwest forests in fire season November 19, 2021
    SPOKANE, Wash.– Wildfire season has come to be a defining experience of living in the Western United States during the 21st century. Like hurricanes in the East, the rhythm of summertime life is increasingly intertwined with tracking the movements of smoke and flame. Fire seasons are undoubtedly becoming worse and more impactful. In 1983, a […]
  • There are currently no active large wildfires in Washington, Oregon October 23, 2021
    There haven't been any large fires reported in the Evergreen State since Oct. 14.
  • Firefighters responding to wildfire in Grant County October 10, 2021
    GRANT CO., Wash. — Grant County firefighters are responding to a wildfire northeast of Mattawa. Grant County Fire District 13 said the fire is in the Saddle Mountains area Sunday afternoon. They will be assisting Grant County Fire District 8. Air resources have been requested. This is a developing story COPYRIGHT 2022 BY KXLY. ALL […]

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China demands US halt Olympics 'interference'
China is demanding the U.S. end “interference" in the Beijing Winter Olympics.[read more]

Jordanian military kills 27 in shootout with Syria
The Jordanian military says its troops have killed 27 suspected smugglers attempting to enter the country from neighboring Syria[read more]

Meet the man who won a trip to space and gave it to a friend
The real winner of a sweepstakes for a ride in space has finally come forward: a Florida-based airline pilot[read more]

WATCH: Chunk of concrete crashes into driver's windshield
A driver escaped serious injury after a huge chunk of concrete fell from a Massachusetts freeway overpass and crashed through his windshield.[read more]

WATCH: Cat and elk come face-to-face in Colorado
A house cat and an elk come face-to-face in Estes Park, Colorado. The kitty's caretaker says his pet "has become very fond of the elk."[read more]