Spokane Insider 3-25-16

‘Batman v Superman’ soars to $27.7 million Thursday night


“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” won round one of its box office fight this weekend overcoming a swarm of bad reviews. The film brought in $27.7 million in U.S. preview showings on Thursday night and is now projected to have a $170 million opening in North America, according to box office analysts. Read More…

Bad weather makes Easter Bunnies pricey


It will be easier to watch your waist this Easter. Chocolate bunnies are getting more expensive. Bad weather and rising demand in Asia are pushing up prices of cocoa, a key ingredient in chocolate making. Read More…


How I got an $11,000 raise


One of Ashley Brinkman’s all-time favorite emails arrived in January: it said she was getting an $11,000 raise. For Brinkman, it was a miracle. A timely one, at that. The 28-year-old recently bought a home with her husband in Anchorage, Alaska. The purchase was a “real stretch” financially. Read More…

Martial arts studios battle new sales tax classification


Starting January 1st, 2016, they now have to pay sales tax because they’re being recognized as retail businesses. The new sales tax was passed by legislators last year and their hope was to streamline the sales tax process. What’s frustrating these Martial Arts studios is they are now being classified as “retail” instead of “services.” Read More…


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